'Saija has been an inspirational speaker on several occasions for TalentGate’s advanced business training programs. She’s been sharing her personal experiences on themes such as international entrepreneurship and the importance of business networks. I’ve always enjoyed working with Saija.' - Anna Kaitera, TalentGate


As an official mentor for Girls in Tech London and Girls in Tech HelsinkiI also mentor private individuals who wish to get ahead in business.

I am available to mentor individuals and small groups as per specific needs. I will always have an initial consultation ahead of any mentoring activity taking place in order to identify the comprehensive needs of the individual / individuals.

Please get in touch - saija@mahondigital.co.uk

"I have learned so much since being mentored by Saija.  She is a book of knowledge filled with enthusiasm and support.  Advising with clarity and optimism her tenacious personality is infectious and has inspired me to excel.  Her encouragement has made me believe in myself and believe that I can succeed too.  Thank you Saija!" - Gill Grueber, DancePro Academy


As an female entrepreneur, I've come across several challenges, failures and of course, ultimately successes. The journey to success can be complex, and as such - it's important that we share our experiences with others in order to progress faster.

My expertise lies in the following topics;

  • Women in business
  • Digital Marketing as a tool to grow your business

"Saija did a great job at Digital Olympus. Her presentation was extremely insightful, spiced with ready-to-go tips. She knows how to motivate, engage, and educate listeners." - Alexandra Tachalova, Digital Olympus

I would love to hear from you - saija@mahondigital.co.uk 

Events Saija Speaks at

Here are the latests events Saija has spoken / is speaking at:

NOI Club London November 2017
General Assembly London November 2017
Vuoden Talousseminaari Turku October 2017
KissMyBusiness Turku October 2017
Brunel University London October 2017
London Web Performance
October 2017
World Blockchain Forum London September 2017
London September 2017
Brighton SEO
Brighton September 2017

Please get in touch.

All enquiries: saija@mahondigital.co.uk




This year I made a conscious decision to push myself out of my comfort zone all year. Start of the year, I embarked on a Stand-Up Comedy course and miraculously survived my 5 minutes set in front of a live audience in a central London venue (huge thanks to those who were there to support me & didn't let my husband throw rotten tomatoes at me!).
After that, I wanted to better myself as a Public Speaker, which lead me to join Professional Speakers Association UK (again, massive thanks to those who supported me in steering me to the right direction, you know who you are!).
Next thing I knew, I got an absolute mad idea to have a go at being an actual AUTHOR.

Therefore, to wrap this year up & after approximately 8 months of writing and getting my head around the process (once more, million thanks to my mentor for all the support she's given me) I'd like to announce that my first ever BOOK -> THE MODERN FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR

Now available to order: http://amzn.to/2gNdIaL